Digital Juice

During my vacation last week, I found this website that consumed an entire evening of my time. At first glance, I thought the Digital Juice website was just a business selling motion graphics. After further exploration, it turned out to be so much more. Intermixed amongst the motion graphic ads are some killer video and audio production tutorials. In his Cutting Class video editing series, producer Chris Gates shows you the ins and outs of video editing. There is also a powerful series of motivational videos by Chuck Peters called Field of View.

Each of Chris’s videos is about finding the passion to do your video production right. He is a great teacher who pushes you to look beyond the equipment to tell a story right. The videos are geared mostly for the commercial video producers, but I found them to have lots of relevance to what I do with video at my newspaper. It’s all about getting it right the first time. Go back a year in the Juice archive to work your way forward. It is a good bookmark to have handy when you need a little inspiration.