Question of the moment – New Years resolutions

It is eight minutes after New Years and I guess I better make some resolutions for the coming year. No, I’m not going to go for the cliches–like lose 20 pounds or exercise more (although I do need to.) Instead, I will be steadfast in looking for ways to help my newspaper make a smoother transition to doing more compelling multimedia. That means I need to become a better teacher, a better manager, a better storyteller. I want to help empower my newspaper’s journalists with new tools, both software and hardware as will as effective training to help them tell stories in ways they never thought possible. What do you want to accomplish professionally for the coming year?


One thought on “Question of the moment – New Years resolutions

  1. You’ve got the right idea. New year’s resolutions is all about looking back and improving. I look back and I see how much my work has changed in the last year. I want to keep that change moving (in a positive direction).

    But the real goal for me, is sharing. There just isn’t enough. Too many people guard their techniques as their own patented styles. They fear that if someone knows the truth about how they do their work, they are exposed. And their is some truth to that. But for the most part a newsroom is still a newsroom. And that means politics, egos and fierce competition.

    So when I say the real goal for me, I mean I want to experience more sharing. Sharing from others and more sharing from myself. How else can we improve our craft?

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