The Crabby Journalist

Update Two: Looks like the comments on AngryJournalist are being moderated now. Disregard update one. 

Update: Well, it seems the non-journalists have found this blog and trashed it with inappropriate comments. So never mind. I guess we will have to keep our stress bottled up.

 I found a link to this new blog called the over at It is a place for journalists to anonymously vent about their jobs toiling at newspapers. Man, they’re some crabby journalists out there. It’s true we like to bitch about our jobs, but hearing some of these stories just makes me cringe.

A sample of what’s posted:

” Editors who micro-manage the hell out of your beat and drink coffee with your sources and then give you tips from “little birdies” that always turn out to be bogus.”

2 thoughts on “The Crabby Journalist

  1. Thanks for plugging the site. I am aware of the spam issues and taking measures to restrict that now. It just has gotten intensely popular within the past few hours, mainly because of StumbleUpon, which is directing a lot of non-journalist traffic toward the site. I didn’t actually submit it to StumbleUpon, but I guess someone thought they were doing me a favor. Unintended consequences I suppose.

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