The Digital Journalist puts newspaper video in perspective

There is a great editorial on video storytelling in this month’s that echos everything I believe in. If you shoot video for a newspaper, you’ll want to  pass this editoral on to your supervisors. A snippet of wisdom:

Newspaper video should carry the imprint of the parent. It should represent the editorial image of the newspaper. Remember, any piece of shoddy, amateurish video on your site is how the audience will think of the paper. Would you have photographers with no experience replace your staff? Would you have high school students writing your editorials? Video should carry the same weight of competence and professionalism as anything else in the paper.


One thought on “The Digital Journalist puts newspaper video in perspective

  1. I wish my supervisors would catch on.

    Instead they want me to train the reporters on how to shoot 30 seconds of a building fire and put it up online.

    They look at video as nothing more than YouTube.

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