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As I was finishing up producing an audio slideshow for Spokesman-Review photojournalist, Brian Plonka, I came across this new beta version of Soundslides Plus today.I see Joe Weiss has been busy updating the program. One bad-ass feature is a new full screen mode. I have been waiting for this since he released this ground breaking audio slideshow production tool in 2005. I downloaded the beta and I converted Plonka’s project to the new version without any problems. The scrubber bar now sports a small icon to go full screen, which is actually more like triple the normal 600-pixel size. The picture quality holds up great and my show plays smoothly on my cable modem. Weiss says he has made over 50 changes to this ever-evolving program.

Some of the highlights:

  • Full screen playback (Plus only)

  • Multiple jpeg image import now available under the Slides tab’s “Add image” button
  • Re-importing shorter duration audio no longer resets timing points.  All timings are preserved now.
  • Application now correctly reads the EXIF image rotation data from imported JPEG files and rotates accordingly on import

  • Application now creates a .ssproj project file, this file will launch the associated project in Soundslides or Soundslides Plus when double clicked or dragged to the application icon
  • Application displays a warning dialog if quit with unsaved changes

  • “Clear recent menu” item added to the File menu

  • Project folder name now appears in title bar.
  • Fixed potential compatibility issue with the video plug-in on OS X Leopard

  • Improved error handling when importing images and audio

There are more than 50 changes, feature additions and fixes in 1.9. The full changelog will be posted with the final release.

Thanks Joe. Can’t wait for the final release.



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  2. Just curious but, what would Soundslides do for me that I can’t do in FCP? Is it just that it’s easier? I’ve done slide shows in FCP that have all the features I see in Souldslides. I upload my stuff to which transcodes it to Flash and hosts it for me for free. Their player has the full-screen button too.

    Of course I see the benefit if you don’t have FCP already then a $70 program saves you a bunch of money.



  3. Soundslides is a great slideshow production tool in that it does most of the grunt work like sizing photos and adding transitions for you. The dynamic way it allows you to arrange and time photos on the timeline is a real time saver. It is a great program for people who are not shooting video and are not schooled in using a program like Final Cut.

    There are benefits to doing slideshows in a video editor, but for simple productions, Soundslides is the perfect storytelling program for still shooters.

  4. Rob,
    Other advantages of Soundslides over the FCP (video format): Captions (or options for captions). Soundslides gives people more control over what they are looking at. They can choose to have the show play for them, or they can click through as fast as they want and it’s easy to go back and find certain pictures.

    Basically, I find that Soundslides give us and the viewer more options. Video doesn’t allow for many choices. It’s either play, pause or stop. Some sites are also getting pageview counts for each photo viewed in Soundslides as well – can’t do that with video.

    Soundslides also takes less hard drive space and processor (means you can get a show out pretty darn quick – no coding for web either).

    I’m heading for that Beta !!!


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