Early TV hurricane coverage lacks, but Meg Loucks rocks!

I’ve been watching the Hurricane Ike coverage on TV and on the Internet since daylight. I’m about to toss the remote at my TV screen. CNN has tons of reporters all over the region. They are transmitting live with small satellite units from where the devastation is. You would think their reporters would actually talk to people that rode out the storm? Nope. Just hours of talking heads telling me the same stuff over and over.  I just watched a CNN reporter in Galveston, Texas rambling on about himself. Islanders were walking past him in the background. You think he would grab a couple of people to interview? Nope. Finally an anchor asked him to stop someone. He sighed like it was a big inconvenience.  He shoved the mic at a passing family and got gold from them. But he cut the interview short because the camera was not on his face. I checked the Houston Chronicle website and found this video by Meg Loucks. I got more information from that video than anything on CNN. She had that video up before the TV reporters had ventured out.  This is a great example of how local newspaper produced video is can be better than the talking head coverage we are getting on TV. Great job Meg!