Video thumb fix should increase traffic

Over at, Angela Grant has an excellent critique of the multimedia capabilities of my newspaper’s new website

The one thing that Angela said she didn’t like was that videos linked with stories were only accessible through a tab.

bar2A comment on her post by video producer Bill Mecca reinforced the idea that embedding the video into the story was a much better for hits. Just before I left work for home tonight, I forwarded  Angela’s blog post link to Ryan Pitts our online director and chief programmer (were a small newspaper.) By the time I got home I received an email from Ryan with an URL to the fix he made on our site.  He even replied to me on the Newsvideographer post:

 “OK, Colin, you’ve got video thumbnails embedded in story bodies now. The issue with embedding the full videos in story bodies is that it’s difficult to automate, as long as you have the potential for other sidebar info (photos, factboxes, related story boxes) also embedded in the story. I could embed the full video at the bottom of the story, but I doubt that’s as useful as having the nice thumbnail at the very top.

That’s not to say we can’t manually embed videos when it makes sense, but the beauty of this system is that it all happens like magic, as soon as you upload the video and hook it up to the story. With tight resources, that’s a huge value. 

Hopefully the thumbnails embedded in stories will help.”


 All I can say is wow. Thanks Ryan! This fix  on story pages should really help increase video traffic. What a simple, yet elegant solution to a complex problem. 

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  1. That’s so awesome! I wish all online dudes were that responsive.

    Hey … If there’s any other things you want changed, just drop me an email. I’ll bitch about it on my blog!

    Ha, just kidding.

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